Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Linky :)

Well, nifty stalkers, I must say - I'm flattered by the comments on my No-Kiss post. Y'all seem to want to read Hybrid!

So, I am going to pander to this whim (and get myself a wider readership in the process) and post a linky to my dear, darling, horrid novel which has a home on WDC. It's almost an entirely up-to-date version. I have a little more and some variations on my personal WIP-copy, but nothing that will impede reading. You should notice some differences in the no-kiss scene with Damien :)

For the record, I love the name 'Damien'. Ever since I saw The Omen, I have adored that name. It's just... so... sexy.

So, my plan for the night is to write for a bit, then watch Nightmare Before Christmas. I feel that having never seen it is a grave oversight on my part, especially considering how much I love Tim Burton's style.

Work has been boring. My first official training shift for supervisor will be next Saturday 7am-5:30pm. I think this may kill me.

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